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BC Support offers todays technologies at an affordable price.We strive to keep the "P" in personal computers (pc's).We have been in business since 1994. We have a passion (more of an addiction) for what we do and want to ensure that you are satisfied with our work.We help individuals and small businesses with most aspects of computing needs. Our services include sales, service, upgrades, networking, and data recovery.We are very adept at virus removal and offer virus protection.

We are here to help you  at affordable prices!

Is your computer getting slower and slower? Are you having to wait on it to do anything? It is possibly infected with hidden malware and spyware! Unfortunately, there is not one Anti-malware software available that can stop every virus or malware out there. We run various scans to clean your pc from those lurking malwares, then optimize it to run at it's capable speed. We also leave the software that we used to clean it up on your desktop (in a folder) that if you use, will keep you clean in the future, also saving you some money by not having to bring it back next time it gets infected. 

Call us for an appointment today, or just drop by, to get your PC back running as it should be.






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